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28 Jan 2017

ities have taken over and hope to use the girls as part of a dark evolutionary plan, leading to a film that’s one part mystery, one part horror, one part out-there, Shyamalan-style. But what does it all mean?----McAvoy’s “main” character is Kevin, a regular guy who due to a series of traumatic childhood events (we’re told he was left by his father and mistreated by his mother) has created a string of alternative personalities, most of which are mentally stronger than he was initially. In this world, dissociative identity disorder doesn’t just lead to a psychological change, but also a physical one, Kevin is able to actually alter his body with each switch, meaning some personalities can have OCD and need glasses, while others need insulin shots. Who Kevin is in any given moment depends on who has stepped into “the light” in his mind, something typically controlled by the personality known as Barry. In the movie itself, the core personalities we meet are Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig and Barry. The former two – who call themselves the Horde – are the darker sides of Kevin, who have previously been pushed down by Barry and the rest but break out by manipulating the childlike Hedwig, who is able to take control of the light at will. Others try and break through to make a cry for help, but the Horde repeatedly pushes them back. It’s important to note that while this is Kevin’s body, his personality doesn’t seem complicit in either side of this – when he finally does emerge, he begs to be killed, revealing that even though Barry and co are the good guys, they’re still going against the original personality’s will.The Horde’s plan is to “unleash the Beast”, a mythical (at least in Kevin’s psyche) 24th personality. It’s only alluded to in the film, but it appears to be based on the animals in the zoo above where Kevin lives. In the third act, the Beast breaks out thanks to Dennis and kills two of the kidnapped girls, but allows protagonist Casey to live due to her own troubled past. After this murder spree, Kevin appears to have reached a point where the Horde is in full control and are able to bring the indestructible Beast out at will, making it him an almost Jekyll and Hyde superhero. And, yes, superhero really is the word.

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21 Jan 2017

Xander Cage Review

tar Neymar are discussing Stacy Peralta skate films in a Chinese restaurant. A few minutes later, the camera follows Vin Diesel as he dirt-skis down a snowless hillside in order to connect Dominican fishermen with a pirated feed of the World Cup. Half an hour after that, it picks up with Diesel as he surfs 10-foot waves on a motorcycle off the shore of a Philippine rave-island--- Xander Cage (Diesel) was pronounced dead in “xXx: State of the Union,” but as this film begins, his condition has been upgraded to “alive.” He’s been living off the grid for years, yet his past remains close behind, as the pasts of extreme-sports-enthusiasts-turned-secret-agents tend to do. Intelligence officer Jane Marke (Toni Collette, affecting the salty deadpan of a weary suburban mom on her third margarita of the afternoon) tracks him down with an urgent new assignment: A mysterious gang of daredevils lead by Serena (Deepika Padukone), Xiang (Yen), and Talon (a sadly under-utilized Tony Jaa) have absconded with a secret weapon dubbed “Pandora’s Box,” which allows malefactors to drop satellites from the sky, and she needs Xander to recover it--- Xander is first paired with a troop of square-jawed soldiers, whom he promptly drops out of a plane. In their place, he recruits a posse of kindred-spirit yahoos, including deranged stunt-driver Tennyson (Rory McCann), wisecracking lesbian sniper Adele Wolf (Ruby Rose), and the sprightly DJ Harvard “Nicks” Zhou (Kris Wu), whose special skill the film defines as being “fun to be around.” Also on Xander’s side, a motormouthed Q-figure named Becky (Nina Dobrev), who outfits the team with a wealth of gizmos while awkwardly attempting to sleep with Xander--- Rarely do five minutes elapse without some sort of laugh-out-loud absurdity, and the distinction between the film’s intentional and unintentional comedy grows hazier as it goes. Xander goes “undercover” in London by donning a ridiculous fur coat and bedding five bikini-clad computer hackers at once. Xander and Serena enliven their otherwise lifeless flirtations by rolling live grenades back and forth across a table. CIA headquarters appears to have been moved from Langley to Manhattan without explanation. More than a few one-liners are rendered incomprehensible, but someone very clearly calls Diesel a “Red Bull freakshow.” When it comes to January releases, moviegoers have to take what they can get.

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14 Jan 2017

e story of the English movie is neither a family drama nor it is a suspense thriller. It is a basically a cat-and-mouse chase involving the police case, some henchmen and a runaway bus. Basically it is a Chor and Police story revolving round some major incidents--- The film features the legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro in the lead role with a huge star cast including Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Morris Chestnut. The film has been directed by Scott Mann--- The story of the movie “Bus 657” is all about Luke Vaughn (Morgan) whose little daughter is suffering from the Cancer and he is having no money for her treatment. So being a devoted dad, he is willing to go the distance in order to bring money for the treatment of his daughter--- In this process he is teaming up with Cox (Bautista) to rob a casino owned by Pope (De Niro) that he used to work in. And eventually now they hijack a bus in order to have money but they have to face the cop Officer Kris (Carano) and Pope.

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